(CFUW & GWI advocacy and actions in black; non-CFUW in green, these relate to the mission of CFUW)

Reminder: As a member of a CFUW club in Alberta you are also a member of CFUW Alberta, CFUW national, and Graduate Women International. 


  • Nov 8 Deadline to Apply to CFUW national to be a delegate to the UN Commission on the Status of Women 65 meeting (UNCSW 65) in New York, NY, USA. This meeting will take place virtually from March 15 to 26, 2021. Delegations will not gather at the New York Headquarters due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. UN Member States, civil society organizations, and UN entities will convene online in a virtual meeting. 2021's priority theme is: Women's full and effective participation and decision-making in public life, as well as the elimination of violence, for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. The review theme is: Women's empowerment and the link to sustainable development (agreed conclusions of the sixtieth session).

    • Pre-COVID the meeting was in-person. CFUW sends a delegation of up to 20 members to attend the CSW meetings in New York. The opportunity to attend as a delegate is open to all CFUW members, but positions are allocated on a first come, first served basis. The deadline to express interest in a delegate position is late November/early December. Please note that Delegates are responsible for the cost of their own accommodation, travel and meals.​​

  • CFUW AB Council is looking for a secretary. The Secretary will be a member of council, participate in and take minutes of meetings that take place during the year (~8 per year). 

  • CFUW is looking for 5-7 interested and dedicated Facebook fans who like the CFUW discussion page to administer this site for the next two years.  This involves one day a week of about 1-2 hours, to review content, edit posts that are not suitable according to the published rules and find new content to post.  If you enjoy social media, this project is for you. The national Communications Committee is looking for you. We thank Doris Mae Oulton who established this Facebook site and kept it running for these years for her many hours of diligent effort and scrutiny.  The 1100+ followers in this group are a treasure and we would like to maintain the site to the same high standards that Doris Mae has held.  For more information about this project - click here. Apply to Heather Oxman

  • Be a member of a CFUW Committee (or subcommittee). CFUW national has many committees to participate in. Members serve for 2 year terms and are appointed at the beginning of each biennium by the new Board of Directors. If you are interested in being a member of a committee now or in the future click here to learn about the various committees.

  • Join one of the CFUW national interest groups

    • CFUW National Book Club (online)​: Every month, they have a Zoom meeting where they discuss the books they have read and answer prominent questions about the novels. This group is run via a Facebook page: click here. Books chosen for each month and details for the Zoom meetings are listed on the Events page - click here

    • CFUW Canada GWI Club (2019-2020 =$30 dues): This is an electronic club who work via email and conference calls. for members looking to be an active participant in GWI issues. Find out more by emailing (general inquiries) or (to join) and visiting their Facebook group 


  • CFUW

    • CFUW 16 Days of Activism Against Gender based Violence Toolkit. Includes tips on how to get involved in the campaign. From November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to December 10th, International Human Rights Day, let’s help put an end to violence against women and girls. The toolkit includes an article on the 30th Anniversary of the École Polytechnique massacre. It discusses key themes on the topic of gender-based violence. Click here for toolkit

    • CFUW national wrote to Prime Minister Trudeau and Members of Parliament about the need to fund Child Care in early September. Clubs who are concerned about child care can send to their MPs and MPPs a letter. CFUW has a template letter prepared, click here, and a personal template letter if you want to send a personal letter template to Ministers.

    • Moving people out of poverty is a crucial goal of the CFUW. On the day of the Speech from the Throne, you can add your name to a petition to tell Prime Minister Trudeau that Canada must take action on income inequality with a guaranteed livable income here  

    • CFUW Gender Lens Article Research. Includes helpful tips and recourses for how CFUW members can apply a gender lens to their research. Using a gender lens is essential for the advancement of gender equality because it allows for greater insight into social issues. A gender lens raises questions of why social processes, standards, and opportunities differ systematically between men, women, and gender diverse people. Read article here

    • ACTIVE CAMPAIGN: Environment & Climate Change - Read about this active campaign here

    • ACTIVE CAMPAIGN: Non-state Actor Torture - Read about this active campaign here

    • ACTIVE CAMPAIGN: Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women - Read about this active campaign here

    • Fall 2020 Advocacy Package - click here. 8 new policies adopted at the 2020 AGM & SGM. Each policy has a backgrounder, take action page, and template advocacy letter to guide CFUW clubs in their advocacy work.

    • Policy Book 1964-2020 - click here

  • GWI

    • GWI ACTIVE CAMPAIGN: Child marriage and COVID-19 - Girls Not Brides advocacy toolkit. Read about this campaign here

    • GWI Discussion: Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) - Emerging Patterns of Discrimination against Women - Read about this initiative here

    • GWI Membership Marketplace offers two streams: Peer-to-Peer and NFA-to-NFA.

      • Register today for Peer-to-Peer Membership Marketplace activities lead by GWI experts: Spanish language lessons; ICT Literacy for beginners that includes definition, tools, and skills needed for that; Positive Discipline Parenting ; Discussions on the role and challenges of female scientists in academia ; Equal Enjoyment of Older People: A Reading Club. To learn more and join an activity click here (GWI member login required) 



  • Oct: CFUW 2021 Written Statement to UN CSW 65 (UN Commission on the Status of Women 65th meeting). Read the statement here. UNCSW meetings take place at UN Headquarters in New York, NY, USA. The UN CSW 65 meeting will take place virtually from March 15 to 26, 2021.

  • Oct 22 to Nov 12 GWI GWI international advocacy webinar series "Raising women's voices through strategic advocacy planning in a changing world of advocacy" 

  • Oct 17 GWI press release and social media campaign for International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Read press release here

  • Oct 15 GWI social media campaign for International Day of Rural Women - to galvanize action by all stakeholders to support rural women and girls

  • Oct 11 GWI issued a toolkit for the International Day of the Girl. Toolkit can be viewed here 

  • Oct 5 GWI social media campaign and toolkit for World Teachers' Day. also partnered with Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan). view toolkit here 

  • Oct 3 GWI Young Member Townhall occurred on Oct 3 and was recorded (watch recording; GWI member login required). This town hall provided discussion space for young members to examine their GWI targets for the remainder of this triennial, with a keen focus on how global communities are fighting to emerge from the current COVID-19 crisis. 

  • CFUW Response to the Speech from the Throne - click here . read full Speech from the Throne here

  • Sept 21 GWI joined the international community in observing the International Day of Peace. GWI reminds States of their commitment to women as means to building sustainable peace. Press release click here

  • Sept 22 CFUW had a presentation on "Women and COVID - The Global Impact" by Zoom. Senator Marilou McPhedran and Member of Parliament Brenda Shanahan as they discuss the challenges being faced by women around the world due to the current setback trends caused by the pandemic

  • Sept 18 GWI United Nations Representative, New York, Dr. Sophie Turner Zaretsky, participated in the NGO Committee on the Status of Women monthly meeting - Generation Equality Forum: inclusive of young people in decision making processes, Read the report here 

  • Sept 17 GWI United Nations Representative, New York, Dr. Maureen Byrne, participated in a side event, “The Future of Education is Here for Those Left Furthest Behind”, during the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly. Read her report here 

  • Sept 14-Oct 6 45th session of the Human Rights Council (HRC45).

    • GWI's written statement can be read here

    • Information on the HRC45 sessions and GWI reports available here 

  • Sept 8 GWI Infographic and social media campaign for International Literacy Day. click here