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2017 Pink Tea

On March 4, 2017 CFUW Strathcona County (in partnership with our local women’s shelter “A Safe Place”) hosted a Pink Tea luncheon in honor of the theme of 2017’s International Women’s Day: “equality for women is progress for all”.


Historically gatherings known as ‘pink teas’ were an essential forum for women to organize and strategize about the pursuit of women’s rights. A pink tea offered the disguise of a frivolous social affair in order to accommodate the discussion of women’s issues without disapproval or resistance from their peers and relatives who often forbade them attending political gatherings. (Source: 


While our planned luncheon was neither a frivolous social affair nor secretive political gathering, it was intended to be a fun and educational event to help foster a better understanding of issues of importance to our community.  One such issue we felt strongly about is promoting a strong societal anti-hate/violence message and to this end, we secured Edmonton’s former mayor and the current Provincial Coordinator of the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters, Jan Reimer to present “Leading Change Together".

A total of $3,058.29 was raised. $1529.15 went to A Safe Place and $1529.14 to CFUW Strathcona County. CFUW Strathcona County donated $1500 of their portion to Graduate Women International Teachers for Rural Futures and added the remaining $25.14 to $324.03 previously raised during the year for the CFUW Charitable Trust Fund.


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