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Join A Club
  • As a member of a CFUW club in Alberta you are also a member of CFUW Alberta, CFUW national, and Graduate Women International. 

  • Alberta has 5 CFUW clubs: click here to learn more about them.

Already a Member? there are many opportunities to get involved and take on leadership roles
  • CFUW clubs have their own executive boards and committees, inquire with your club about those opportunities

  • CFUW Alberta Council is a multi person council led by the Alberta Regional Director. Council members will participate in meetings during the year (~7 per year). 

    • Regional Director: elected for a 2 year term at the Annual General Meeting of even-numbered years

    • Council Positions: Treasurer, Credentials, Advocacy, Secretary, Past Regional Director​

    • CFUW AB Council is looking for a council member: Advocacy Chair 

  • National CFUW Committees will be reforming/accepting new members after the AGM next year when the new board is elected. Leading up to that there will be a Request of Intent for the Committees in which members can fill in an application for one or more of the committees. Members serve for 2 year terms and are appointed at the beginning of each biennium by the new Board of Directors.

    • Standing Committees, chaired by Board VPs: International Relations, Finance, Advocacy, Membership, Education, Governance

    • Standing Committees for which Chairs are appointed: Regional Directors, Articles and Bylaws, Nominations, Resolutions, Fellowships (appointed by the Charitable Trust)

    • Special Committees: Advocacy, Human Resources, Communications

    • Subcommittees:

  • Join one of the CFUW national interest groups

    • CFUW National Book Club (online)​: Every month, they have a Zoom meeting where they discuss the books they have read and answer prominent questions about the novels. This group is run via a Facebook page: click here. Books chosen for each month and details for the Zoom meetings are listed on the Events page - click here

    • CFUW Canada GWI Club (2023-2024 =$30 dues): This is an electronic club who work via email and conference calls. for members looking to be an active participant in GWI issues. Find out more by emailing (general inquiries) or (to join) and visiting their Facebook group 

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