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CFUW Annual General Meeting June 25-26, 2021

The 102st Canadian Federation of University Women Annual General Meeting will be taking place June 25-26, 2021 VIRTUALLY.



REGISTRATION: Click here to register


  • Registration opens May 17, 2021 (Delegates need only register once for both meeting days)

    • Please ensure that you register to be a participant (voting and non-voting delegates)

    • The link to register will become available first thing on the morning of May 17. To do so, please include your first and last name, club, voting or non-voting status, 3 your club name and whether you are voting on behalf of your club or another club. While board members, RDs and past presidents do not have a vote, we ask them to register and indicate their position.

    • For step-by-step instructions on how to register, view the guide here.

    • You will receive a confirmation email on June 10 that will include the link to the webcast and detailed step by step instructions on how to participate in the meeting. If you are the credentialed voting representative for your Club, you will receive additional voting instructions at that time.

  • Joining by Phone ONLY: If someone wishes to call in to listen to the meeting as opposed to participating with an internet enabled device, please contact Rachel Deneault at to register. This should be done by June 14, 2021. We are encouraging people to use the listening option only if they are in a remote location and internet connections are poor. The reason for this request is that it is quite costly to use the listening-in function.

  • Credentials (Deadline June 11): Voting delegates will be asked to send in their voting credential forms to Betty Dunlop at . Click here for credential form. Each Club must complete a credentials form so that its  delegate or proxy may obtain the necessary log in information to be able to vote. If a Club decides to appoint a proxy, it should (1) contact its RD or other eligible AGM voter, to carry its Proxy to vote on the resolutions and By-Law changes and (2) give their proxy any instructions for voting according to the wishes of their Club. 

  • Training/Orientation: Training will be offered to voting delegates.

    • Note that when voting delegates receive their confirmation email, they will also receive a doodle poll to sign up for a training session.​Two training sessions will take place on June 22, 2021 one at 12 noon eastern and the second one at 7 p.m. eastern. We highly encourage voting participants to attend one of the training sessions so we can reduce all possible challenges to engaging in the Annual General Meeting. ​

    • Webcast and Voting Screenshots of How-To

    • How-To Vote

    • You will receive your Elector ID and password directly from Data on the Spot (DOTS). If you have not received your Elector ID by June 21, 2021, please contact Michael at




  • an internet enabled device (e.g., PC or MAC laptop or desktop, ipad, smart phone), to see the slides and hear what is being said

    • voting delegates will have to have a second screen open on their computers in order to vote on any motions​

  • if you do not have access to an internet enabled device you can join by telephone (but will not be able to see visuals)

  • To speak or engage in any debate during this meeting, you will need access to a phone line. A phone will act as your microphone.

Platforms used


  • Chorus call (same as used for 2020 AGM)

  • Online Platform (for visuals)

  • Data on the Spot (for Voting) (same as used for 2020 AGM)

    • Their online voting system is highly secure. All the voting data is encrypted and can only be decrypted by their software​



  • Proposed General Rules – The AGM proposed general rules will be emailed to delegates in an advisory email prior to the AGM, posted on the website and included in the business booklet for all delegates. The AGM proposed agenda will be finalized and circulated  prior to the AGM. Both will be voted and approved at the AGM. 

  • Voting – voting will be done online 

  • Motions and Questions of Privilege

    • to speak “for” or “against” a motion (people will be allowed to speak for two minutes each)​

    • ​Speaking to a motion:

      • Moving a motion or resolution: Use the Call Me link so you may go directly into the call. Type in your name and your Club. Please remember to mute your computer when speaking.

      • Debating: Dial in before the item to which you wish to speak comes up on the agenda.

      • Ensure that when you call in, you mute your computer speakers so that we do not hear an echo.​



  • ​Leading up to AGM there was a workshops: Recordings of the sessions are listed on the Past Events page - click here

    • ​May 17 CFUW Proposers and Amenders Town Hall

    • May 18 Articles and Bylaws Proposers and Amenders Workshop

    • May 19 Resolutions Proposers and Amenders Workshop

    • May 27 Club Leadership 101 Workshop - slides

    • May 29 Governance Workshop

    • June 2 What to Expect at the Convention

    • June 7 International Relations Panel Presentation - recording

    • June 9 Technology Workshop - slides

    • June 14 International Advocacy Workshop with Focus on What Clubs are doing - recording ; slides

    • June 19 Reading Financial Statements and this Year's Budget - slides ; Q&A doc

    • June 21 Indigenous Peoples Workshop - recording ; slides ; resources ; Resilience Art Kit

  • June 24 Social Evening - Click here to view the invitation and details of the evening

  • June 25, 10:00am - 1:00pm (Alberta time) Business Meeting

    • Approval of the Financial Statements

    • Appointment of the Auditor

    • Elections

    • Approval of the Budget

    • Changes to CFUW dues

    • Bylaw Amendments

    • Motions related to the restricted reserve (2021 only).  

  • June 26 Charitable Trust Virtual Brunch - details are listed on the Events page - click here

  • June 26, 10:00am - 1:00pm (Alberta time) Policy Session

    • Advocacy Resolutions

    • Amendment of the CFUW Administrative Policy and Procedures Book, Volume One.​ ​

AGENDA Documents: 

Background Emails


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